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Behind the Scenes of Roberta's Very Serious Bread Baking Operation

19 kinds of bread, every single day.

Daniel Krieger

Watch Nina Subhas, the head baker for Roberta's and Blanca explain the restaurants' ambitious bread program. The schedule for these hard-working bakers is crazy—from 4 a.m to 2 p.m., nearly seven days a week, which means they can make a whopping 19 different styles of bread fresh daily. This includes everything from the semolina rolls that are used in Roberta's takeaway sandwich operation to the more complex bâtard rolls flavored with guanciale and pickled mustard seeds, which are served as part of Blanca's bread service. And, as you would expect, this vid does not skimp on the bread porn, either. There are also kittens in the beginning. Check it out in all its full glory, below:


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