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Watch Things Get Weird in the Bizzare-O Stop Motion World of Uncle Boons' 'After Hours'

This one's a stop motion look at what happens after hours in the restaurant.

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Nick Solares

From the same team that brought you this whimsical ode to Thai food and culture, comes an epic follow up called After Hours. According to co-owner Ann Redding, this sequel "further explores the different characters that inhabit the Uncle Boons world," using stop motion to relay the mischief that takes place in the restaurant when it's closed. Ann's sister and the creative director for Uncle Boons (because yes, they have one) May Redding made this film with help from director Jen Campbell and art director Tommy Everett. As with the first installment, this short stuns with some seriously surreal visuals that are set to catchy Thai music. Check it out.

Uncle Boons

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