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The Standard Apologizes for Banning Navy Officer in Uniform from Rooftop Bar

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A female Naval officer and family members were told their clothes didn't meet the club's strict dress code.

A bouncer at the uber exclusive clubhouse on the roof of The Standard Hotel in Chelsea — which used to be the old Boom Boom Room — refused to let a female Naval officer in her uniform whites and her three family members wearing cocktail attire to enter the bar on Saturday night because they didn't meet the dress code. While the full "code" isn't published online, the bar says on its site: Cocktail attire required. Apparently, exceptions aren't made for people in uniform.

Ryan O'Connor, who was part of the group told the Daily News: "I said, ‘Wait, are you rejecting us because someone is in a service uniform?' [The bouncer] kind of rolled his eyes and wouldn't budge." When O'Connor went to see the hotel's front desk, he was told that admission and the dress policy is at the "lounge's discretion." The incident happened during Fleet Week when thousands of members of the armed services visit New York. "This was Memorial Day weekend and walking distance from Ground Zero. This should have been a no-brainer," O'Connor told the Daily News.

After complaining on The Standard's Facebook Page and emailing the hotel's management, the family received a note from the hotel's general manager saying:

We most certainly do appreciate and take a lot of pride (in) all the young people giving their lives to defend our nation...As per regular protocol, our team at the Top of The Standard is instructed to enforce a dress code — which obviously should not apply to military uniforms. Once again, our sincere apologies for the miscommunication at our end, the issue has been brought to all of our team's attention and it will certainly not repeat itself.

The hotel has also released a statement saying: "We hold those serving in the United States Armed Forces in the highest regard....This was a mistake and we sincerely apologize." The Naval officer and her friends and family were invited to return.