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Major Hotel Restaurant Updates: Sessanta Opens This Weekend, O Ya Within a Week

Plus a glimpse inside Jonathan Waxman's Jams.

Future home of Jams
Future home of Jams
Ben Jay

There are a handful of big hotel restaurant openings happening this summer, one of them soon, one of them very soon, and one of them a little way down the road. With that in mind, it's time for a little progress tour of the most exciting restaurants landing in hotels in the next few months.

First up, Sessanta, John McDonald's stylish Sicilian spot in the Sixty Soho. Yesterday the Times reported it would open tomorrow, but a representative says it won't actually launch until the weekend. In the meantime, here's the charming awning:

Sessanta plywood

And a glimpse through the open door at what is probably the host stand:

Sessanta plywood

Will the rest of it resemble its sibling bar, the Gordon, which opened in the hotel this past winter? Maybe. All will be revealed very soon.

Meanwhile, up at the Park South hotel on 28th Street, seasoned Boston restaurateurs Tim and Nancy Cushman have been stealthily building out the New York outpost of their acclaimed sushi restaurant O Ya. Just yesterday the sign and the facade were all taped up in black plastic like a birthday present waiting to be opened:

O Ya plywood

Then, later in the evening, it emerged:

O Ya

Just in time for a preview party (which Eater attended). Here's a peek at the space, with lots of people where the furniture would usually be:

O Ya inside

Check out that banquette:

O ya inside

A long, wide sushi bar lines the entire opposite side of the restaurant where, naturally, an omakase menu will be served. A la carte dishes will also be on the menu, which will look quite a lot like the one at the original in Boston – in fact, the chef here has been at O Ya Boston for eight years. This O Ya could open as early as next week if all goes smoothly, Tim Cushman told Eater, but could also take a week or two longer than that depending on how final training and preparations go.

Meanwhile, up near the southern border of Central Park, Jonathan Waxman's remake of his 80s classic Jams is coming along quite nicely at the 1 Hotel. The space has lots of windows, and right now a lot of those windows are wide open, so the progress inside is there for the world to see. Below we can see that the giant bar is shaping up:


And here's one window over from that. This place is huge:


The whole 1 Hotel is set to open July 1, and with any luck Jams should open right along with it. Think all that construction can get done in a month?

Park South Hotel

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