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Opening Alert: Franny's Team Debuts Their Prospect Heights Bar Rose's Tonight

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There's no pizza, but there is cheese toast and a burger


Longtime darling of the Brooklyn restaurant scene Franny's is getting a new little sister tonight. Husband and wife duo Franny Stephens and Andrew Feinberg are opening a bar and grill called Rose's in the former Marco's space. Stephens promises it will be "a true neighborhood spot with the kind of honest bar food we love." Hopefully, that will fit the neighborhood a bit better than Marco's, which some accused of being a touch too pricey.

The Menu: Feinberg, who was the original chef at Franny's when they opened the restaurant way back in 2004, will make his triumphant return to the kitchen at Rose's, where he'll be cooking with a wood-burning grill. There's no pizza on this side of Flatbush, instead there's cheese toast, a burger, fried olives, and some other Brooklyn-y bar fare. There's also no printed menu, just a list of items on a chalkboard. Check them out below.

Know before you go: Rose's will serve food Wednesdays through Sundays and operate as just a bar (sans food) on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Rose's Menu:

Raw vegetables and blue cheese dip
Pickles, olives and eggs
Fried olives
Cheese toast
Ham and cheese toast
Bar salad
Vegetable plate with garlic mayonnaise
Egg and mushroom sandwich
Hamburger and French fries
Spit pork

Bar cookie
Hot fudge sundae
Buttermilk pie


295 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 230-0427 Visit Website

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