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Dan Barber's Juice Pulp Veggie Burgers Coming to Shake Shack Friday

There will be just 500 burgers, with a dollar from each going to City Harvest.

Nick Solares

Now that the the original Shake Shack has returned to Madison Square Park, and all is right with the world, Danny Meyer is back to his ways, offering limited edition burgers. This Friday, the Shack will sell 500 of Dan Barber's juice pulp cheeseburgers, which the Blue Hill chef served at his recent WastED pop-up, where everything was made from food that would have otherwise been thrown away. Leftover vegetable pulp from juiceries is topped with lettuce, cheese melted from Jasper Hill trimmings, ketchup made from bruised beets, and honey mustard mayo, and sandwiched between a bun made from stale, rehydrated rye bread. It's actually way better than it sounds.

This is big news not only for people who love reducing waste and people who love lining up in Madison Square Park, but also for vegetarians, since it's the first time a special edition burger doesn't involve any meat.

The burger comes in at $8.95, high stakes for Shake Shack, but certainly cheaper than a trip to the WastED pop-up. A dollar from each burger will be donated to City Harvest.

Shake Shack

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