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Nuteria Shutters on the Eve of Eataly's Nutella Bar Resurrection

The gates have been down for a couple of weeks now.

Eataly's old Nutella Bar.
Eataly's old Nutella Bar.
Bess Adler

Park Slope's unsanctioned Nutella oasis Nuteria (fka Nutelleria) seems to have shuttered. The gate has been down for a couple of weeks, notes a Park Slope Stoop tipster, and the website and phones are down, too. The Nutella-focused shop run by self-proclaimed Nutella enthusiasts seemed ill-fated from the beginning. Before it opened, Ferrero, the Italian producer of the spread threatened legal action over the name Nutelleria. The owners promptly changed it to Nuteria and finally opened, only to be ssued by Ferrero anyway. A sign in the window says the team is off at the Mysterland Music Festival, which just ended yesterday, so perhaps the gates will rise again, but things don't look good.

Fortunately, for die-hard addicts, Eataly's officially sanctioned Nutella Bar, which drew epic lines last year when it popped up for a few months, is making its grand (and permanent) return tomorrow, complete with some new Nutella options like Nutella-filled doughnuts on Tuesdays, Nutella coffees, and some sort of Nutella fountain for ice cream orders. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the first 300 people in line get free mini Nutella-filled cones. Brace.


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