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The Torrisi Boys Are Finishing Up the Facade at Their Bagel Palace Sadelle's in Soho

Ads for bakers hint at what will be coming out of the ovens here.

Ben Jay

The Torrisi boys and ex-Roberta's baking lady Melissa Weller are nearly ready to open their take on Barney Greengrass, Sadelle's in Soho. The former I Tre Merli space has been sealed up tight against snoops in recent months, but today an Eater spy snapped the construction crew outside of the bagel den, making some changes to the facade.

The team has been on a hiring frenzy of late, and dropping just a couple of clues about what will come out of their ovens in the process. Most notably: "Our bagels are made with a sourdough starter." They are also looking for an overnight baker to make "challah, rolls, sourdough bread...[and finish] a variety of pastries." Co-owner Jeff Zalaznick says an opening should come sometime next month.


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