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This Week's Top 10 Stories on Eater NY

Check out the 10 most-read stories on Eater this past week.

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NIck Solares

1) Hometown Is New York's Best Barbecue Restaurant

Hometown_BBQ_pork_spare_ribs_2.0.jpg Ryan Sutton on the pork shoulder at Hometown barbecue: "The seasonings are simple: salt, pepper, and a touch of turbinado sugar, creating a mind-bending effect that's essentially the savory analogue of dipping a pretzel in chocolate."

Nick Solares

2) 11 Great Outdoor Bars for Beer Lovers in New York City

o__14_.0.jpgA run down of the best places to drink a beer outside.


3) Four Restaurants to Try This Weekend in New York City

17184029813_16d4372e35_k__1_.0.0.0.jpg The restaurants you should be visiting in New York this holiday weekend.


4) NYPD Pays a Visit to the Brazen Food Vendor Charging $30 for a Hot Dog

2008.06.07.173702_Abington_Sq._NYC.0.0__2_.0.0.0.jpg The food vendor who was price gouging clueless tourists with $30 hot dogs was given numerous tickets, then lost his job.

Wikicommons/Hermann Luyken

5) Hotly Contested Upscale Breakfast Sandwich Shop Now Open in Chelsea

P1090279.0.0.0.JPG Can a fancy egg and cheese sandwich do well in a town of classic, low-budget alternatives?

Robert Sietsema

6) Shake Shack Is BACK: Liveblogging the Greatest Opening of Summer 2015

getting_ready_to_cut_ribbon_1024.0.jpg That's right, people. The original Shake Shack reopened just days ago. And Eater liveblogged it.

Nick Solares

7) Pete Wells Takes Down Javelina With a Barrage of Backhanded Compliments

20150303-Javelino-- Pete Wells' most scathing and consequently hilarious review since his epic Guy Fieri takedown.

Nick Solares

8) The Parisian Bistro Makes a Comeback at the Village's Le Baratin

lebaratin_011_17672604660_o.0.jpg Robert Sietsema awards three stars to old school Parisian bistro Le Baratin.

Paul Crispin Quitoriano

9) Four Seasons Renovations Shut Down, Aby Rosen Confirms the Restaurant Gets the Boot [UPDATE]

fourseasons.'s official, The Four Seasons restaurant has will leavethe hotel in a little over a year. The owners are looking for a space downtown.

Daniel Krieger

10) NYPD Releases Name of Man Accused in Dallas BBQ Attack, Say He's Fled State

19481663_v0jc8H9CcWvEGeIxW3m7qKAuXKzXuQZ-YqC38L8Fe3k.0.0__1_.0.jpgThe man accused of beating a gay couple at Dallas BBQ has been identified, and is believed to have fled the state.