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Amazon Prime Will Soon Deliver Cupcakes and Food From Eataly in an Hour

Starting next month, even Eataly groceries will arrive in an hour.


Amazon is now making it even easier to never leave the house. Starting yesterday,  Amazon Prime Now delivers groceries and prepared meals from D'Agostino, Gourmet Garage, and Billy's Bakery to some neighborhoods in Manhattan in one hour. More markets, including Westside Market and Italian fine foods palace Eataly will be added to the list next month, reports CNet. The online shopping giant has offered immediate delivery of its own stock through Amazon Prime Now for a few months, but this is the first time it's added local stores to the roster. As before, orders must through the Prime Now app. Customers who truly can't wait will have to pay $7.99 for delivery in an hour, but if a two hour wait is manageable, delivery is free.

It's not like there isn't already a little known service called FreshDirect operating in this town, but the one hour delivery time from places like Eataly and Billy's Bakery might just call some people over to the dark side. It certainly puts Amazon in direct competition with other on-demand delivery services like Postmates. Amazon plans to expand the straight-from-the-market service to Brooklyn and to other cities – like Baltimore, Miami, Austin, and Atlanta – where it already offers Amazon Prime, but it's only available in parts of Manhattan for now.