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Unsurprisingly, Food Vendor Caught Selling $30 Hot Dogs Is Now Unemployed

He told his boss he was just charging $2 a dog.


Ahmed Mohammed, the street vendor near the World Trade Center who was selling hot dogs for $30 to tourists, won't be wheeling his cart into place today. He was fired. His boss Abdelalim Abdelbaky, whose father owns the cart and vending license, told the Post he was lied to: "He told me he charged the people $2 a hot dog"  (that's still twice as much as the guy around the corner charges, but okay). Abdelbaky also claims that Mohammed pocketed all that extra cash and left him to pay off hundreds of dollars in fines that he was slapped with this week after news of his scam broke. The saddest part is that it sounds like Mohammed and Abdelbaky were pretty close. Mohammed even stayed rent-free in his boss's home, but now Adelbaky feels betrayed. "I lost money now, and I lost some customers, so I have a lot of losses."

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