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Neighbors Sue Harlem Restaurant for Blasting the Marvin Gaye Pandora Station

"We feel we are under assault in our own home."

Courtesy of Blujeen

Two concert pianists who live in Harlem are suing former Food Network chef Lance Knowling over the noise coming from his new restaurant Blujeen, which opened on the first floor of their building in April. "The noise during these past weeks was so loud and disturbing that we feel we are under assault in our own home," Lucille Chung swears in an affidavit. The pair says they are unable to work in their home and unable to go to sleep before 1 a.m., reports the Post. The decibel level in their apartment exceeds the city's noise code limit, says to the suit. Meanwhile, an employee claims the restaurant plays a constant loop of jazz and the Marvin Gaye Pandora station, but that doesn't mean they aren't blasting it.

Knowling allegedly apologized to the couple when they first complained about the din, but hasn't made an effort to remedy the situation with sound proofing. Perhaps he should take a lesson from Drew Nieporent, who hired a team to work on Batard's acoustics after Gael Greene and others complained that it was "painfully noisy."


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