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Hotly Contested Upscale Breakfast Sandwich Shop Now Open in Chelsea

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A new place where the specialty is $10 breakfast sandwiches.

Robert Sietsema

BEC, the egg sandwich shop that launched a furious debate over the very meaning and sanctity of the city's most beloved breakfast sandwich between Pete Wells, Gawker and sandwich fans across all boroughs, opened yesterday in Chelsea. So far, the world hasn't ended.

The tiny shop, without much seating, serves upscale and pricey riffs on the classic bacon, egg, cheese sandwich, including one called the spicy Spaniard (serrano ham, manchego, pickled jalapenos, romaine, tomato compote, on a pugliese roll), a Greeky Roman (lamb sausage, feta, roasted peppers, baby kale, olive tapenade), and the godmother (prosciutto, salami, mozzarella, baby arugula, walnut pesto). There is, of course, also the classic BEC, which includes "smoked bacon, sharp cheddar, and custom brioche bun," and costs $8.50. But this is Chelsea after all, and rent needs to be paid.

In his ode to the bodega version, Wells wrote: "BEC's sandwiches may turn out to be terrific across the board. But they will not be a substitute in any way for the classic unreconstructed version. This is one sandwich that is not necessarily improved by better cheese." Will BEC prove him right? Can't fancy sandwiches exist alongside bodega sandwiches? Have you tried BEC? Let it all out in the comments section.

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