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Alex Stupak Launches His Long Mexican Tasting Menu at Empellon Cocina

The list lineup includes masa waffles with chicken liver butter, and avocado toast with oysters.

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Daniel Krieger

Now that Empellon Cocina's makeover is complete, its reigning taco emperor/owner Alex Stupak is ready to unleash his long Mexican tasting menu. Last night he debuted it at what has been dubbed the Kitchen Table, a very small table in the now semi-open kitchen, available only to parties of two or four in one seating a night. The 18 to 20-course menu will change regularly, says Stupak, but to get things started there are modern Mexican-inspired dishes like a masa waffle with chicken liver butter, plantain molote, and mole poblano; avocado toast with oysters and popcorn pozole; and quesadillas with morels.

Many of the plates on the menu are recipes Stupak says he's been dreaming of serving for a long time. He told Eater last month: "I have lists and lists of stuff I want to do that would be weird on an a la carte menu. If you're ordering an app or a main, you're committing to a couple things. You're not going to order a blood sausage entree, but you'd eat a couple bites of blood sausage, unless you really hate it."

Keeping with a promise Stupak made when he announced his plan, the menu is priced at $150, with an optional $50 drink pairing. Reservations are a must.

Check out the Kitchen Table's inaugural menu:

Cocina Tasting Menu

Empellon Cocina

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