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Food Vendor Caught Charging Clueless Tourists $30 For Dirty Water Dogs

The price changes depending on how much you look like a New Yorker.

Wikicommons/Hermann Luyken

Ahmed Mohammed, who operates a hot dog stand right by the tourist-laden One World Trade Center, was just caught gouging tourists by charging anywhere from $3 to $30 for a hot dog. Apparently Mohammed would adjust the price based on how local the customer appeared. So that's how a New York resident with a French accent was billed $15 for a hot dog and a pretzel. So was, inexplicably, some guy from New Jersey. Actually, the Jersey customer was charged more—$15 for one hot dog. When he heard the price, he left his hot dog, which he had already bitten into, and just walked away

As a reference point, there's another vendor operating around the corner who sells hot dogs for just $1 and follows the law, which states that prices have to be posted. Jessica Lappin, president of the Alliance for Downtown New York is pretty mad, saying the price gouging "gives New York a bad name." Tourists, you have been warned.

NBC catches Mohammed in the act in this video:

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