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Shake Shack Is BACK: Liveblogging the Greatest Opening of Summer 2015

Shake Shack is back in Madison Square Park TODAY.

Nick Solares

As we all know, the original Shake Shack is reopening today after a long winter of renovations. This is the biggest opening of summer 2015 and Mr. Danny Meyer himself there to cut the giant green ribbon with a teeny pair of scissors:

shake shack ribbon cutting

Update 11:00: He did it! (With help from Randy Garutti)

Shake shack
shake shack

Now the eager masses will get their hands on those glorious, hot-off-the-griddle Shack burgers.

Obviously, the line has been out of control since about 10 a.m. this morning. Here it is growing:

shake shack
shake shack
shake shack

Oh and by the way, Shake Shack stock is currently skyrocketing. It's up almost 10 percent just today.

Update 11:20: First customers now have their burgers in hand. Here's the line status:

shake shack

First 300 people in line get this sweet cardboard model:

Here's what it looks like assembled:

shake shack model

Update 11:35: Here's the ParkBurger, a bacon and cheese sauce-topped special made just for the reopening:

shack burger

These are the lucky guys who got the first burgers. They tell Nick Solares they got there before 9:30 a.m.:

shake shack

And here's the staff getting all hyped up to serve thousands of burgers:

shake shack staff

Update 11:42: Danny Meyer is OUT. But he's still there in spirit, watching on the TV in his cab:

He's also a happy guy because he's now worth $600 million. A lot of other people are wishing they had bought Shack stock right now, even ESPN anchor Michael Eaves:

shake shack c-line

Obviously, not many people are in the C-line right now, because why would you just get custard on a day like today?

And.... We're open!! Live shot from @shakeshack Madison Square Park #shackcam #shackisback

A photo posted by randygarutti (@randygarutti) on

Update 12:00: Time for some more line porn.

Maybe the one person on earth who really doesn't get it:

Update 12:10: The line is currently 200 strong:

shake shack

Shake Shack VP of marketing Edwin Bragg tells Eater that this is an "above average line." Usually it ends at the third tree from Shack. Now it's up the the fifth tree. So now you know, the official measurement of the Shake Shack line is by trees.

Great Wednesday lunch date:

shake shack date

Update 12:37: The marching band has arrived. Kicking it off with "I Want You Back," of course.

Shake Shack Marching Band #shakeshack #madisonsquare

A video posted by Luis Lucero (@thepeoplevsluislucero1) on

shake shack marching band
shake shack band

This is happening... #shackisback @shakeshack We're home!!!!!

A video posted by randygarutti (@randygarutti) on

This kid is especially awesome:

Dogs get free stuff too!

shake shack dog

Update 12:56: Cool stuff is happening to those cardboard Shack models:

shake shack
shake shack model painting

Update 2:00: The line is actually, believe it or not, dying down. It's gone from INSANE long to standard Shake Shack long. Nick Solares reports that the new Shake Shack is equipped with way more grill and prep space, which is likely how it's been able to churn out the burgers with such speed and efficiency.

Shake shack line

Update 3:30: The line is holding steady at normal Shake Shack long now:

shake shack line

Now would be a good time to go for a late lunch.