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Where to Eat at John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK)

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What to eat at JFK and where to find it

Shake Shack breakfast sandwich
Nick Solares

John F. Kennedy’s airport is one of the local travel hubs with better dining options. Eater's guide to JFK maps out all the best things to eat in each terminal, broken down below by best sit-down and best grab-and-go options.

Terminal 1

Best for a sit-down meal or drink

Martini Bar: The surroundings are ugly — like a Back to the Future situation gone wrong — but there’s not much choice in this terminal, so take what you can get. In this case, that is a retro-looking sit-down bar with various martinis, beer, and wine, as well as TV’s. Departures level S concourse gate 9, post-security

Best quick bite

JikJi Café: Counter-service Korean and Japanese food like bulgogi, udon noodle soup, and kimbap. Food court, pre-security

The rest

  • Dunkin’: Doughnuts and coffee. Food court, pre-security
  • Eat & Go Istanbul: Turkish food, from peynirli toast to gyros — though it may be best to stick to the sweets and pastries like baklava. Between gates 5-7, post-security
  • Euro Café: Coffee, tea, and baked goods. Arrivals level west, pre-security
  • Greenwich Village Bistro: Bistro-type fare. Food court, pre-security
  • Idlewild Wine Bar: A wine bar with a decent selection of American wines. Between gates 1-3, post-security
  • McDonald’s: Food court, pre-security
  • New York Hotdog & Coffee: A quick, unhealthy meal, which offers such concoctions as a bulgogi-topped hot dog. Food court, pre-security
  • Panini Express: Panini, pastries, and gelato. Arrivals level east, pre-security and departures level S concourse gate 8 and departures level W concourse gates 1-3, post-security
  • Starbucks: Coffee chain. Food court, pre-security
  • Tuscany Café: Wraps and wine. Behind check-in counters E/F and departures level S concourse gate 5, pre-security
  • Wok & Roll: Steam-table Chinese fare. Food court, pre-security

Terminal 2

Best for a sit-down meal or drink

Due Amici: Sit-down iPad ordering with Italian fare. Chef Caesare Casella, formerly of Salumeria Rossi, created the menu here, which leans to charcuterie and cheese, pastas, and an American breakfast. Opposite Gate 62, post-security

Shiso: If you’re looking for a more leisurely meal, you’ll find sushi at Shiso, which Morimoto chef Robby Cook helped open. Opposite Gate 64, post-security

Breakfast stromboli at Tagliare
Breakfast stromboli at Tagliare
Herrianne C./Yelp

Best quick bite

Croque Madame: A sandwich shop serving open-faced sandwiches, crepes, and quiches. Famed New York chef Andrew Carmellini played a role in the opening in 2014. Gates 62-63, post-security

Tagliare: If you just want a quick slice of pizza, Tagliare is the work of Dom DeMarco, Jr., the son of the pizza legend behind Di Fara. Breakfast brings egg- and meat-stuffed stromboli. Gate 68, post-security

The rest

  • BKLYN Beer Garden: Sit-down iPad ordering with over 20 beers on tap and a beer garden-esque menu, full of sausages and burgers, created by celebrated chef Laurent Tourondel. Opposite Gate 67, post-security
  • Cibo Express Gourmet: Convenience store with grab-and-go fare. Gates 61, 65, and 69, post-security
  • Wendy’s: Global burger and fried chicken chain. Near Gate 62, post-security
  • World Bean: Coffee chain. Arrivals Level, pre-security and opposite gate 66, post-security

Terminal 4

Best for a sit-down meal or drink

The Palm Bar & Grille: If you’ve got time to kill and are looking for a leisurely meal and a drink, head to this version of the famed Manhattan steakhouse. Retail hall west, post-security

Uptown Brasserie: This sit-down restaurant offers American fare like catfish and grits and chicken and waffles for dinner from chef Marcus Samuelsson. The breakfast menu features classics like buttermilk pancakes and a smoked-salmon bagel. There’s an open kitchen, too. Gate B32, post-security

Blue Smoke on the Road: Danny Meyer’s Blue Smoke on the Road, which faces one of the Shake Shacks, serves ribs, sausages, and sandwiches, plus beer, wine, and cocktails. This is also a great place to hang out and watch the game, or the airplane runway. B37, post-security

Pulled pork platter from Blue Smoke
Pulled pork platter from Blue Smoke
Photo via Liz F./Yelp

Best quick bite

La Brea Bakery: If pastries are more your style for breakfast, head to the only East coast outpost of Nancy Silverton’s renowned bakery. Find bagel sandwiches, muffins, and coffee. Gate B34, post-security

Shake Shack: Terminal 4 has branches of two of Danny Meyer’s most beloved restaurants. Two locations of homegrown burger chain Shake Shack offer all the favorites you find at the other locations, plus breakfast sandwiches and good coffee in the morning. Gates B23, post-security

The rest

  • Buffalo Wild Wings: Chicken wing chain. Gate B26, post-security
  • Cake Tin Bakery & Café: Cupcakes, pastries, candy, and Lavazza coffee. Gate B33, post-security
  • Camden Foods: Sandwich shop with coffee and tea. Gate B41 and retail hall west, post-security
  • Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar: A bougie spot for seafood, caviar, and wine. Retail hall east, post-security
  • Central Diner: A classic diner set-up with breakfast all day. Arrivals hall west, pre-security
  • Delite Chocolates and More: Chocolate and candy shop. Gate B34 and retail hall west, post-security
  • Dunkin’: Doughnuts and coffee. Arrivals hall east, pre-security and Retail hall eats and gate B18, post-security
  • Flatiron Coffeehouse: Coffee, baked goods, and sandwiches with Eli Zabar input. Retail hall east, post-security
  • Jamba Juice: Smoothie and juice chain. Gate B27, post-security
  • Jet Box Grab and Go: Wraps with Kosher options. Gate B23, post-security
  • Le Grand Comptoir: A free-standing wine bar with cheese and charcuterie. Retail hall west, post-security
  • McDonald’s: Burger fast-food chain. Retail hall east, post-security
  • Panda Express: Fast-food Chinese chain. Gate B23, post-security
  • Peets Coffee & Tea: Coffee and tea chain. Gates A3, B23, and B26 post-security
  • Pizza Vino: Pizza and wine, like the name says. Gate B28, post-security
  • So Chocolate: Chocolate and candy shop. Retail hall east, post-security
  • Tigin’s Irish Pub & Restaurant: An Irish pub with breakfast, burgers, and fish and chips. British Gate A7, post-security
  • Urban Crave: Food from various cuisines such as banh mi, fish and chips, and a cobb salad. Gate B46, post-security
Deep Blue Sushi
Deep Blue Sushi
Photo via Deep Blue/Yelp

Terminal 5

Best for a sit-down meal or drink

5ive Steak: Salads, sandwiches, burgers, steak, and sushi. Marketplace, post-security

AeroNuova: Sit-down Italian with a menu created by Pasta Flyer’s Mark Ladner. Marketplace, post-security

La Vie: A mini-Parisian bistro that Frenchette chefs Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson played a hand in. It’s great for a drink, a coffee, or a full-fledged meal. Gate 22 concourse entrance, post-security

Deep Blue Sushi: This restaurant serves the best sushi you will probably ever eat in an airport. Deep Blue’s fans are known to arrive extra early at the airport or stay late after a flight just to have a taste. Next door, Deep Blue on the Fly offers grab-and-go options. Marketplace, post-security

Piquillo: This restaurant, first created with the help of El Quinto Pino’s Alex Raij, serves paella or Spanish-style sandwiches, but is an especially a good place for a glass of wine with some simple, sophisticated (by airport standards) snacks like cheese and charcuterie. Marketplace, post-security

Best quick bite

Boar’s Head: At least you know Boar’s Head is high-quality meat. At this food hall stand, the ubiquitous deli company’s mea is put in made-to-order sandwiches. Food hall, post-security

The rest

  • Aunt Butchie’s Bakery Café: Dessert shop. Gates 14-15, post-security
  • Away Café: Bar with sandwiches. Opposite security, pre-security
  • Baked by Melissa: Mini cupcakes. Marketplace, post-security
  • Bar Veloce: A location of the increasingly common NYC Italian wine bar with panino.Gate 30, post-security
  • Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop: National ice cream brand. Between gates 24 & 25, post-security
  • Cheeburger Cheeburger: Fast-food cheeseburgers and milk shakes. Food hall, post-security
  • CIBO Express Gourmet Market: Convenience store with grab-and-go fare. Opposite security checkpoint and at baggage claim 4, pre-security and gates 4 and 9 and in the food hall, post-security
  • Dunkin’: Coffee and doughnuts. Baggage claim 4 and opposite security check, pre-security and gate 25 and in the food hall, post-security
  • Dylan’s Candy Bar: Candy shop. Gate 20, post-security
  • Famous Famiglia Pizzeria: Fast-casual pizza stand. Food hall, post-security
  • Fresh Italian Pasta: Made-to-order pasta bar. Food hall, post-security
  • Horizon Bakery Café: Bakery with beer and wine. Gate 1, post-security
  • Illy Coffee Bar: Italian coffee stand. Gate 19, post-security
  • Jamba Juice: Smoothies and juices. Marketplace, post-security
  • Loft: Decent stop for breakfast. Opposite gate 26, post-security
  • Lucy’s Asian Kitchen: Fast-casual Asian fare from across the continent. Food hall, post-security
  • Market Table & Feature Entrees Bar: Food hall, post-security
  • New York Sports Grill: Bar with burgers and sandwiches. Gates 9-10, post-security
  • Philly Cheesesteaks / Pommes Frites: Cheesesteak and fries. Food hall, post-security
  • Re:Vive Bars: All-day bar with sandwiches and salads. Gates 6, 14, 18, and 24 and outside the food hall, post-security
  • Revolucion: Mexican food. Gates 11-12, post-security
  • Starbucks: Global coffee chain. Gate 22, post-security

Terminal 7

Best for a sit-down meal or drink

Todd English’s Bonfire Restaurant: A sit-down restaurant with American food from louche celebrity chef Todd English. Food Court, post-security

Sammy’s Beach Bar and Grill: A colorful restaurant with tacos and burgers from former rock musician Sammy Hagar. Gate 2, post-security

Best quick bite

Wolfgang Puck Express: Sandwiches, salads, soups,and gourmet pizzas from celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck. Food court, post-security

The rest

  • Auntie Anne’s: Doughy pretzels. Food Court, post-security
  • Balducci’s Food Lovers Market: Pre-made salads, sandwiches, wraps, and snacks. Food Court, post-security
  • McDonald’s: Global hamburger chain. Food Court, post-security
  • Red Mango: Frozen yogurt with choices of toppings. Food Court, post-security
  • Starbucks: Global coffee chain. Arrivals area, pre-security and gate 6, post-security
  • Subway: Fast-casual sandwich chain. Arrivals area, pre-security
  • Thirsty Beer & Wine Bar: Full bar with some food. Gates 6-7, post-security

Terminal 8

Best for a sit-down meal or drink

Bobby Van’s Grill: A dark-wood steakhouse with breakfast, salads, sandwiches, steak, and a full bar. Gate 14, post-security

Best quick bite

Brooklyn National Deli: Stereotypically classic New York food like pastrami sandwiches and hot dogs. Gate 41, post-securit

Bobby Van’s Bobby Van’s/Yelp

The rest

  • Abitinos Pizza: Pre-made pizza and pasta. Food court and gate 40, pre-security
  • American Café: Coffee and snacks. Arrivals, pre-security
  • Angelina’s Metro Market: Pre-made and made-to-order sandwiches. Arrivals, pre-security
  • Au Bon Pain: National chain with soup, salads, sandwiches, and pastries. Gate 35, post-security
  • Auntie Anne’s: Doughy pretzels. Food court, pre-security
  • Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts: Coffee, doughnuts, and ice cream. Gate 42, post-security
  • Cascata: Double duty spot for grab-and-go sandwiches, smoothies, and salads, as well as a wine bar with small plates. Gate 34, post-security
  • CIBO Express Gourmet Market: Convenience store with grab-and-go fare. Gate 7, post-security
  • Drink Martini Bar: Full bar with martini list. Gate 4, post-security
  • Dunkin’: Coffee and doughnuts. Arrivals, pre-security
  • Europan: Pre-made sandwiches, salads, and wraps. Food court, pre-security
  • Juan Valdez Café: Coffee shop. Departures near TSA checkpoint, pre-security
  • McDonald’s: Global hamburger chain. Food court, pre-security
  • New York Sports Bar: Sports bar with 24 beers on tap. Gate 10, post-security
  • O’Neal’s Restaurant: Pub with full bar and comfort food such as mac and cheese and burgers. Gate 6, post-security
  • SoHo Bistro: Bar with breakfast, sandwiches, and flatbread. Gate 43, post-security
  • Starbucks Coffee: Global coffee chain. Near food court and at gate 45, post-security
  • Vino Volo Wine Room: Wine bar with light bites. Gate 39, post-security
  • Wok & Roll: Steam-table Chinese food. Food court, pre-security