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Opening Alert: Playland Motel's Restaurant Revamp Ditches the Party Vibe

The new spot is "family friendly," complete with a kids menu.

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Courtesy of Dan Cipriani

Memorial Day is almost here and the restaurant at Rockaway's Playland Motel reopened quietly last Friday. But, something different this year. This is no longer a hipster party breeding ground. Nope. The new owner of the restaurant hopes guests will find something a bit more family friendly. In fact, Dan Cipriani, who is a dad of six, promised the local community board last month that: "I don't plan on staying open until 4 a.m....My vision for Playland is the exact opposite of what it was." In place of parties, he tells Eater "we will be doing small more community based events, art openings, collaborations with skate and surf companies, open mic nights," and the like.

Cipriani, who used to run Rockaway Beach Surf Club's Southern food truck The Cookout, and owns Lodge in Williamsburg, is offering the sort of food one might expect at a beach motel: fish tacos, breakfast tacos, ribs, and jerk chicken, along with cocktails like a guava margaritas. Keeping with his promise, there's a kids menu with a sort of creepy looking shirtless Henry Rollins that requests you cover him in tattoos. Check it out below.

Kids Menu

Breakfast and Cocktails

Small Plates and Entrees