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Nutella Bar Makes a Permanent Comeback at Eataly This Month

The space is improved, the menu is bigger, and there's a Nutella fountain.

The old Nutella Bar. The new one will be even better.
The old Nutella Bar. The new one will be even better.
Bess Adler

For a brief and shining moment last year, Eataly was home to a cafe where the walls were lined with Nutella, and so were all the pastries. At the time, the Nutella Bar was the only thing of its kind in the city, and New Yorkers predictably went bananas. But the chocolate hazelnut spread frenzy was only temporary. The Nutella Bar was just standing in for Eataly's wine shop, which was put on a six-month hiatus by the SLA due to Joe Bastianich's "interlocking interest" as both a wine importer and retailer, and when the wine shop reopened, Nutella got the boot – until now.

Later this month, Nutella Bar reopens at Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich's Italian grocery wonderland, this time as a permanent fixture. The wine shop recently moved to a big new space, so Nutella Bar is in the back where it used to be, though the space is newly "enhanced." The menu is also enhanced, as it were, to include even more Nutella filled and slathered things. There will be various crepes and plain old Nutella toast, but also Nutella-filled doughnuts (only on Tuesdays), Nutella tarts, and five different Nutella-flavored coffee drinks. From the sound of it there will also be some sort of fountain used to douse ice cream in Nutella.

Nutella Bar officially reopens at 5 p.m. on May 27, and just like last time, it will celebrate with free Nutella treats – in this case, mini Nutella-filled cones for the first 300 people. Line up early, if that's your thing.


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