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Jon Neidich's Tico's Tequila Bar Is a Subterranean Mexican Disco on the Lower East Side

Over 100 tequilas and Mezcals are available, and, there's a disco ball.

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Take a gander around the newly minted Tico's Tequila Bar, nightlife impresario Jon Neidich's latest venture. Situated underneath his Mexican and Asian mash-up restaurant Tijuana Picnic, Tico's is what Neidich describes as "a little bit like a Mexican disco, or maybe a Tulum-inspired dance party." To that end, there is a disco ball, a prickly cactus, Jalapeño Christmas lights, and a DJ's booth. And, it wouldn't be Mexico without some serious booze. The establishment lives up to its name with a selection of 70 tequilas and 30 mezcals, and flights of both spirits are available for those who want to go hard. There is also a selection of south of the border inspired cocktails such as an agave spiked Michelada and Pancho colada loaded with ancho reyes. And, to fuel all of that drinking, there's food from Tijuana Picnic's menu during dinner time, and a late night Tico menu with soft shell tacos, dips and skewers for snacking.

Here is a look at the food and cocktail menus:

Tico's Drink Card

Tijuana Picnic

151 Essex St, New York, NY 10002 (212) 219-2000


151 Essex Street, New York, NY