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Richie Notar Officially Done with Lenox Lounge, Moves on to Second Harlem Space

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The jazz lounge from Nobu co-founder is still in the works.

Bess Adler

It looks like Nobu co-founder Richie Notar's longtime dream (and legal battle) to open a jazz venue in the iconic Lenox Lounge space has, finally, officially come to an end. But, the restaurateur has found another space on 125th Street, where he plans to open his jazz lounge, reports Gael Greene. All of this also means that the Lenox Lounge, with its original fixtures, is potentially up for grabs again, two years after it closed its doors for good. Meanwhile, Lenox Lounge's owner Alvin Reed was supposed to be reviving the nightclub at 333 Lenox Avenue, but that project seems to have been dead in the water since running into money troubles last year.

As of a year ago, Notar planned to work with actor Dwight Henry from 12 Years a Slave, to open Mr. Henry Bakery, inspired by Dwight's New Orleans spot Henry's Buttermilk Drop. There's no word yet if the shop, which has an old website that says it's opening next to the Lenox Lounge, is still a go.