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Eater New York Editor Marguerite Preston Moving On; Full Time Position Open

Today it is our sad duty to announce to New York readers that Marguerite Preston, the editor of Eater New York and its guiding light for the past year, is moving on. As Preston disembarks, we're looking for some fresh blood to take over the reins here at Eater NY. Which brings us to this: Are you obsessed with restaurants, chefs, news, gossip and all the fun drama that goes hand in hand with the high stakes New York area restaurant world? Would you like a full time job with competitive salary, health care, and a 401[k]? Think you'd be the perfect editor here at Eater?

If so, click over to this job posting and write us a paragraph about yourself (omitting stories of childhood food memories svp) and a paragraph about why you think you're right for the job. Please also include your resume, and if you've got a personal blog, Tumblr or Twitter, include links to those as well. If we like what we see, we'll follow up quickly.