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Jonathan Waxman's 80s Classic Jams Should Splash Back Onto the Scene in July

The 1 Hotel where Jams lives should open July 2.

Daniel Krieger

Jonathan Waxman's remake of his California-style 80s classic, Jams, has been in the works for a solid year now at the new 1 Hotel Central Park. It missed the spring opening it hoped for, but last month Waxman told Grub Street that he was really just "waiting for the hotel to be ready." If that's still true, then look for Jams to hit the scene around the beginning of July. Though the restaurant hasn't specified an exact opening date yet, the hotel tells Eater it expects to open on July 2. The restaurant could open the same day, or, as is sometimes the case with these hotel openings, it could open shortly after. In any case, the hotel just posted a whole slew of job listings, mostly for positions in the restaurant, so clearly it's gearing up for an opening.

After many years of focusing all his attention on his West Village classiv, Barbuto, Waxman has been a busy many recently. He just opened Bajo Sexto, his second Nashville restaurant, and is planning a New York restaurant with former Isa and Freemans executive chefs Preston Madson and Ginger Pierce. Plus, with the Barbuto building sold, he's got start thinking about relocating that elsewhere.


1414 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY

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