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After Split, Rockaway Taco Owners Battle Over Right to Sell Tacos at the Beach

Co-owner David Selig sued chef Andrew Field to keep him from opening a competing taco shack this year.


Late in March the news broke that the owners of Rockaway Taco, chef Andrew Field and David Selig, had split ways, and their ramshackle hipster taco destination would not be returning to Rockaway Beach this summer. Now it turns out, as the Post reports, that that split was a messy one. It seems that their relationship went downhill because the two could not agree on how to run the business. So Field decided to break off and open his own place Tacoway Beach, at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club just nine blocks away. When Selig learned about that, he filed suit, claiming that Field was "unfairly and deliberately destroying his business," and asking for a restraining order to prevent him from opening a "rival business."

Field responded that such a restraining order would destroy him financially, and leave his employees jobless. On top of that, he claims that Selig cheated him out of $30,000 of his salary, despite that fact that he put in "no less than 13 hours a day seven days a week" at Rockaway Taco.

At this point, it sounds like the fight has been resolved. The pair made a deal that left Selig the full owner of Rockaway Taco, while Field is moving forward with opening Tacoway Beach in time for the summer. Selig, as already reported, will roam the country with a mobile version of Rockaway Taco this summer, and then plans to come back and reopen the original next summer.

Rockaway Taco

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