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Troll Domino's With Pizza Emojis, Get a Free Williamsburg Pizza

Ashwin Deshmukh really hates the pizza chain.

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Williamsburg Pizza investor Ashwin Deshmukh really hates Domino's. He thinks they are a "purveyor of frozen plastic." So, when Domino's recently launched promotion where fans can order a pizza via Twitter with a pizza emoji, he responded in kind:

Deshmukh wasn't kidding. He's sent pies to four or five people and expects to send more today.

"It was just a spur of the moment, totally unauthorized. I enjoy sending pizzas to people. No one is unhappy with pizza," he explains to DNAinfo. Deshmukh, who works for investment firm Tiny Capitol and has known Williamsburg Pizza's owner for years, is paying for the pies out of his pocket to prove a point. "It's just insane to me that anyone would live in New York City and order Domino's." He says his deal is good through Friday night, but people should continue to follow him and Williamsburg Pizza on Twitter and Instagram because "you never know what will happen...We might send some pizzas your way."

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