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Williamsburg Staple M Shanghai Sues Ex-Cook for Stealing Recipes

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The former employee serves the same 'awesome chicken' and 'fabulous mu shu pork' on the menu at her restaurant.

M Shanghai
M Shanghai

May Liu, who owns Williamsburg standbys M Shanghai and M Noodle Shop, is suing a former employee for allegedly stealing her recipes for "awesome chicken" and "fabulous mu shu pork." Wei Wang, who worked as a cook for Liu, serves dishes by the same name (along with "awesome beef") at her restaurant Wei Williamsburg, reports the Daily News. Liu says in her suit that Wang "had access to confidential information utilized in the restaurants' operations, including recipes, food preparation techniques and cooking processes." Liu wants to trademark the dishes and is suing for an unspecified amount in damages for unfair competition and trademark violation.

Wei Williamsburg

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