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43-Year-Old Chinatown Thai Spot Pongsri Has Been Dark for a Month

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The other locations are doing fine, but the original may need some work.


Jury lunchtime staple and lawyer favorite Pongsri Thai — which calls itself the city's oldest Thai restaurant — is dark. A tipster tells Eater that three or four weeks ago the restaurant's window sported a sign saying that the 43-year-old restaurant would be closed due to gas problems and reopen in a few days. Later, another sign said Ponsri would reopen in May. Calls to the restaurant and to its other locations (both of which are open) confirm that the original is still closed. Staffers at the other outposts weren't sure about the restaurant's fate when Eater called. According to one, there is an issue with some of the pipes that require sign-off from the city before the restaurant can resume its lunchtime deal. In the meantime, jurors will have to settle for one of these other courthouse area options.

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Pongsri Thai

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