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Keith McNally Allegedly Still Negotiating for New Pastis Space on Gansevoort Street

A big section of the street is being redeveloped, and it sounds like Keith is angling for a piece.

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Though a rumor surfaced not too long ago that Keith McNally was set to take over the Gansevoort Market space and make it the new home of his displaced Meatpacking District icon, Pastis, it sounds like he's still a ways from making any final decisions. According to some rumors unearthed by the Post, real estate maven Neil Bender (who is responsible for Gansevoort Market) is teaming up with Aurora capital to give all of the buildings between 48 and 74 Gansevoort Street "tens of millions of dollars worth of renovations." McNally is supposedly "negotiating" to open Pastis somewhere within that redevelopment, though has apparently not signed any deals.

At 52 Gansevoort Street, Gansevoort Market itself is right smack in the middle of that section, and its unclear how or if it will be affected by the renovations. Representatives for the market have insisted it "isn't going anywhere," though it's lease only lasts until October 2016. But the newly renovated stretch of Gansevoort should be ready for leasing in January of 2016, a good time before that. That timing could match up well with the timeline McNally originally gave for Pastis's return, when he told the Wall Street Journal it would reopen on Gansevoort Street in September of 2016. More may be revealed at an International Council of Shopping Centers (who knew that existed?) conference next week, when the developers are supposedly presenting their plans.

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