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Revered Ramen Maker Ichiran Headed to Both Chelsea and Brooklyn in 2015

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Job listings for a general manager and assistant general manager are up.


Cult ramen favorite Ichiran, which serves just one thing, a Hakata-style tonkotsu in tiny private booths, has been promising New Yorkers that they will get their very own outpost for years and years. The team finally announced in January that a Chelsea location would land sometime this year, after the summer. Now, from a Craigslist job posting, it looks like New York will get two Ichirans (more is more when you're talking about spicy, fastidiously made ramen), the Chelsea restaurant and another in East Williamsburg. The owners are looking for a general manager and an assistant manager to oversee both locations, which they say will open this year. Back in 2009, Ichiran toyed with a Greenpoint location, but it mysteriously never came to be after years of empty promises. So, maybe the team wants to finally make good on those.

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