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Brooklyn Barge Bar Still Needs a Liquor License, Vows to Open This Month

There will be fishing, water sports, an art space, farmers market, and bar.


Plans for the Brooklyn Barge Bar in Greenpoint have been stalled by the local community board, but founder Will Drawbridge is still charging on. He posted on Facebook that he hopes to open later this month. Drawbridge plans to have the barge and surrounding space on land triple as a bar, art space, and waterfront aquatic center of sorts, reports Bedford + Bowery. But that's ambitious, and with the bar's liquor license still in limbo with the State Liquor Authority after the community board waved down its proposal, an early summer opening seems like it's stretching things. Still, menus are up online and the team is powering forward.

Brooklyn Barge Bar

91 West Street, Brooklyn , NY 11222

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