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Ramen Master Ivan Orkin to Open a Third Restaurant in NYC

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Orkin is debuting a new lunch and brunch menu at Ivan Ramen.

Daniel Krieger

Ramen mastermind and New York's number one Japan fan Ivan Orkin is working on a new restaurant. Most details are still under lock-and-key, but Orkin tells Eater it will be in New York and "It's going to be great. It's gonna be cool." He describes it as somewhere between his informal Slurp Shop and his more traditional restaurant Ivan Ramen downtown.

There's no word on when or where those bowls of ramen will land, but in the meantime, Orkin is focusing on a revamped lunch menu and a new brunch menu at Ivan Ramen, that should drop this weekend (he also recently added breakfast at Slurp Shop). While there are some new noodle dishes like cold ramen on the menu, Orkin is most excited about the revival of the Herbie's International, a sandwich that according to Orkin was "all the rage" in both the Catskills and Canarsie in the 1950's. Here, Chinese roast pork is stuffed into miso garlic bread and served with "Tokyo" duck sauce and spicy mustard for dipping. Orkin got the idea to revive the sandwich from a friend who is in his 70's and remembers the sandwich fondly from growing up.

Orkin will also serve a Black Seed furikake everything bagel with nori cream cheese, and smoked salmon (sort of similar to the one he offered at Black Seed for a week in March), a breakfast ramen like the one available at Slurp Shop, with a dashi and cheddar broth, crispy bacon, scallion omelet and whole wheat noodles, as well as gluten free buckwheat waffles with peaches, ginger, and toasted soy whipped cream.

Orkin promises more details on his restaurant soon, but sate your ramen cravings with the list of the new menu options at Ivan Ramen below:

(available for lunch and brunch)
Herbie's International (Catskill & Canarsie Throwback Special) $16.00
Chinese-style roasted pork, miso garlic toasted hero, Tokyo duck sauce

(available for brunch)
Double-Stack Buckwheat Waffles $16.00
peaches, ginger syrup, toasted soy whipped cream

(lunch and brunch)
L.E.S. Bun (2) $9.00
pastrami, karashi mayo, daikon Slaw

Bagel & Lox $15.00
everything furikake bagel, nori cream cheese, smoked salmon (Bagel is by BlackSeed)

Eggs and Escarole $16.00
crispy pork belly, charred escarole, roasted tomato, fried eggs, sweet soy dashi

Dough Doughnuts $4.00 (each)
select from: Matcha Cream and Dark Chocolate, Sweetened Red Bean, or Yuzu Lemon Curd. (by Dough)

(available for all menu periods)
Ivan Ramen "Caprese" $15.00
Kumato tomatoes, shio-koji tofu, shaved Vidalia onions, crispy rice buns, rice wine vinaigrette, bonito, mint

Breakfast Ramen $15.00
dashi and cheddar broth, crispy bacon, scallion omelet, thick whole wheat noodle

(all meal periods)
Cold Lemon Shio Ramen $17.00
sea salt, dashi broth, roasted tomato, shiso, poached shrimp, rye noodle

(all meal periods)
Hiyashi Chukka $15.00
smoked ham, cucumbers, tomatoes, romaine, bacon & Vidalia salad, malted honey dashi vinaigrette, thick whole wheat noodle

Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop

600 11th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10036 (212) 582-7942 Visit Website

Ivan Ramen

25 Clinton Street, Manhattan, NY 10002 (646) 678-3859 Visit Website