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Here Is Ronny Emborg's New 18-Course Menu for Atera – 'Temperance Pairing' Optional

Atera 2.0 debuts with Emborg at the helm tomorrow night.

Ronny Emborg
Ronny Emborg
Nick Solares

After a slight delay, Atera 2.0 will launch tomorrow evening with imported Danish chef Ronny Emborg at the helm. The chef, who has garnered wide acclaim in Europe, will debut an 18-course tasting menu, with the option of the expected wine pairing. The tea pairing popularized under previous chef Matthew Lightner will also return, and a non alcoholic option, dubbed the "temperance pairing", that will feature a fresh juices has also been added. There will be a number of changes beyond just the menu, too. Tipping has been eliminated in favor of a European style service model, the new price is $235, service included, making it cheaper overall.

Nick Solares/Eater

Lamb, licorice, spring garlic. One of the new dishes that Emborg will debut tomorrow.

Dinner service begins tomorrow, and tables are available via OpenTable or by calling the restaurant directly. Questions abound, of course, about the future of the acclaimed Tribeca tasting counter.  How will customers take to the new service policy? How will Emborg fair in a city that is notoriously hard on out-of-town chefs? And perhaps most   importantly will the food be on par with the city's best and what came before? Under Lightner the restaurant was two Michelin and three stars from the NY Times while Eater critic Ryan Sutton recently awarded the restaurant four stars. Will it hold on to these under Emborg? The answers will come in good time, but for now take a look at the menu below:

The menu

Green Tomato, Juniper
Sturgeon Caviar, Pea, Beer
Roses and Lobster
Cheese Waffle, Fermented Mushrooms
Crab, Tomato, Rose Hip Vinegar
Golden White fish Roe, Sunchokes, Almond
Scallop, Apple, Dill, Horse Radish
Cuttlefish, Lardo
Oyster, Ponzu
Whole Wheat Batard
Razor Clam, Miso, Brown Butter, Mustard Greens
Sable, Tarragon, Cucumber, Pigs Ears
Sour Dough Croissant
Asparagus, Cream, Lovage, and Whey
Foie Gras, Peanuts, Black Currant
Lamb, Licorice, Spring Garlic
Chamomile,  Meringue, Meyer Lemon
Sea Buckthorn, Pine


77 Worth Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 226-1444 Visit Website