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Team Behind Soho Hit Charlie Bird May Be Planning a New Restaurant on Kenmare

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The address of the business applying for a liquor license at 86 Kenmare links it back to Robert Bohr and Ryan Hardy.

Charlie Bird
Charlie Bird
Daniel Krieger

It looks like Robert Bohr, Grant Reynolds, and Ryan Hardy, the guys behind Soho's two-year-old Italian hot spot Charlie Bird, may be planning a new restaurant nearby on Kenmare Street. On this month's Community Board 2 agenda, an applicant by the name of Elmer Kennedy LLC is seeking a liquor license for the space that, until very recently, held Toby's Public House. A quick search for that LLC reveals that its business address is 5 King Street, the very same address as Charlie Bird.

Industry whispers have circulated recently that the team may be working on a new restaurant, though so far they haven't confirmed. After Toby's Public House closed just last week, a manager confirmed that a new restaurant was moving in, but was not able to say who. Eater has reached out to Bohr for more information.

Update: The Charlie Bird team confirms that all of this is true.

Charlie Bird

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