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Morrissey Demands That Madison Square Garden Go Vegan for His Show

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He'll probably have you searched for meat on the way in too.

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Morrissey – rock star, former Smiths frontman, and PETA posterboy – is playing a show at Madison Square Garden on June 27, but only on the condition that the entire arena go vegan for the night. This is actually what Morrissey demands of every venue he performs at, insisting that "Not only is it possible for venues to provide a 100 percent meat-free's also a moral duty."

In practice this probably doesn't mean the Carnegie Deli counter is going to serve hummus sandwiches. More likely, most of the counters will just be closed. As one staff member put it, "We'd have to close half the floor." No one at the Garden would actually discuss what they plan to do to to go vegan, but Drew Nieporent, legendary restaurateur and operator of MSG's Daily Burger, had this to say about the situation: "I love my man Morrissey. He's a wonderful artist, so I wouldn't mind. He can do whatever he wants." That being said, Nieporent doesn't plan to open Daily Burger that night.

Morrissey has also been known to have security search all concert-goers for contraband meat products, so don't even try to smuggle in a hot dog.

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