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Broome Street Bar's New Partner Was a Regular for 35 Years

Jonathan Kaufman promises to keep everything the same.


When rumors started flying this winter that Soho staple Broome Street Bar was being sold to John Krasner of Harlow, regulars got very worried. Longtime owner Kenn Reisdorff's daughter, who inherited the bar when her father died last summer, set the record straight in February. The bar wasn't going anywhere and it wasn't going to change. Jonathan Kaufman, who was a friend of Kenn Reisdorff and a regular at the bar for 35 years, recently purchased a 60 percent stake in the business and vows to keep that true. According to DNAinfo, he told the local community board on Tuesday that he will visit the bar daily, often twice a day to "make sure everything is Kenn's Broome Street Bar, because that's what I want it to be." Kaufman's name still needs to be added to the liquor license, but it seems unlikely that the SLA will have any objection to that.

Broome Street Bar

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