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Dassara Ramen Is Considering Moving Away from Smith Street

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Smith Street restaurants have struggled lately forcing several shutters.

Daniel Krieger

New school ramen-ya Dassara, known for its deli ramen, is considering giving up its Smith Street address after two and a half years. Pardon Me For Asking spotted a listing for the space, which rents for $8,500 a month and goes for $180,000 in key money, but co-owner Josh Kaplan tells Eater that the listing is mostly just to test the waters. "We are looking to re-locate, ideally in the area," he says. "Our particular stretch of Smith Street in between the G/F stops can be brutal for small businesses and the rents don't really reflect that."

That strip Kaplan's talking about has seen numerous shutters recently including longtime neighborhood staple Cubana Cafe, and Mad Dog & Beans just a few doors down. A number of commercial spaces are sitting vacant. Kaplan says he got the idea from friend Peter Shelsky of Shelsky's who left a tiny space on Smith Street near Dassara for a larger shop nearby but on a busier block, across from Trader Joe's. "He showed us that moving a few blocks can make a huge difference in terms of volume." Stay tuned.


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