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Eataly Still Can't Get Into 4 World Trade Center to Start Construction

A mysterious dispute between the Port Authority and retail operator Westfield is preventing tenants from getting in.

At least it got the chance to test out its signage.
At least it got the chance to test out its signage.

The incoming 4 World Trade Center outpost of Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich's Italian mega-market Eataly is in limbo at the moment, as the result of an unspecified dispute between the Port Authority and Westfield, the WTC retail operator. The new Eataly is supposed to open in the second half of this year, but it (along with all the other retail tenants) hasn't even been able to get into it's 41,000 square-foot space yet. According to the Post, Westfield was given access to all the retail spaces two months ago, but has yet to either give its approval of the spaces or present the PA with a list of things it wants changed. Until it signs off, it can't hand over the keys to any of its tenants.

It's unclear exactly what's going on here, or who did what, but Westfield is apparently blaming the PA for the delay. Meanwhile, some rumors say that the Eataly team is considering taking legal action against Westfield to get things rolling, but a representative tells the Post simply that "We are patiently awaiting our turn in a very complicated project." At least they've gotten the chance to test out how the Eataly letters look in the windows.

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