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World of Beer Is Exactly What It Sounds Like, Opens Next Month In Chelsea

500 hundred beers, 50 on tap, and something called an "infusion tower."


New York's first outpost of World of Beer, an insane Florida-based chain that is as much the Disney World of beer as it sounds, is finally, after almost one and a half years, about to open. The Chelsea location is slated to open in early May.

Here are seven vital facts you need to know:

  1. There will be 500 beers available, including some local ones, and 50 rotating taps. That's probably more keg taps than the number of frats in Manhattan.
  2. On Sundays, there will be something called BEERunch. Simple Math: Beer + Brunch = BEERunch?
  3. There will be a "1,200-square-foot indoor patio space," whatever that means. Perhaps this indoor patio can be friends with the indoor porch at Danny Meyer's new bar Porchlight.
  4. The bar will have an "infusion tower" that will be used to infuse beer with things like fruit, herbs, coffee, or hops. Sounds like a large version of one of those bro-tastic beer towers, with stuff floating in it.
  5. Beer will be part of almost everything. The menu includes Guinness brat sliders and a Chimay burger with melted Chimay cheese from the brewery in Belgium.
  6. Servers must attend a two-week beer school so they can help guide guests through the maze of a menu.
  7. For the truly devoted fans, there's a loyalty club that allows drinkers to gather points, kind of like a Dave & Busters for beer-drinkers. Here too they can be redeemed for gift cards, t-shirts, and parties. And because these are modern times, the WOB Loyalty Club card, as it's called, is available on iPhone and Android smartphones.