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Streetbird Rotisserie Is a Great Place to Get Picked Up, Especially if You're Gael Greene

The biggest "thrill" for the critic at Marcus Samuelsson's new restaurant was not the chicken.

Daniel Krieger

The esteemed Ms. Gael Greene, veteran restaurant critic/author of erotica, spent the evening at Streetbird Rotisserie, Harlem's hottest new restaurant, last night, and seems to have had a great time. She hung out with Jonathan Waxman and she got to eat all the dark meat. But the highlight of the evening was not one of Marcus Samuelsson's many variations of chicken, nor was it the mac and cheese (which she liked), nor even the wall of boomboxes. Nope. Instead:

Maybe he was high, or maybe it was just the heady effects of roasting chickens and vintage ephemera. In any case, there you have it. Streetbird Rotisserie is a good place to pick up a date.

Streetbird Rotisserie

2149 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Manhattan, NY 10027 (212) 206-2557 Visit Website