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Still Recovering from Fire, Tuome Hopes to Reopen in Two Weeks

The American/Asian hot spot promises it'll be up and running in the East Village soon.

Bess Adler

After a small kitchen fire nine days ago, East Village charmer Tuome went dark with barely a peep about when it would reopen. The silence started to breed anxiety. Could the restaurant be in serious trouble? And, how long would it be before New Yorkers could could get their hands on Thomas Chen's stellar pork belly with peanut noodles again? Today, the Tuome team puts everyone's mind at ease. They say the restaurant will reopen with everything as it was in about two weeks, and send along this comment:

We are very sorry to have disappointed our new and existing guests during this unexpected closure, and we are remarkably grateful to all who have been so supportive since we opened...We look forward to reopening as soon as our renovation and cleanup have been completed. Thank you all for your concern and support.

There's no word on a specific reopening date, but stay tuned.


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