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John DeLucie's Swank Upper East Sider Crown Is Officially Done

The Windsor West Village is also gone for good, but Bill's Food & Drink and The Lion are still open.

Courtesy of Crown

Yesterday, Eater received a tip that John DeLucie's skylighted Upper East Side restaurant Crown closed two weeks ago. It wasn't quite clear what caused the shutter: The sale of the building, troubles with his businesses partner Sean Largotta, or something unknown. Now, a DeLucie rep confirms that the sale of the building is what caused the shutter. The restaurant is done, but the team is still honoring private events booked in the space through May.

Meanwhile, DeLucie's rep says he isn't involved with The Windsor, the posh sports bar in the West Village, but that it's owned and operated by Largotta. Nonetheless, she confirms that though it's claimed to be "closed for renovations," it's actually closed because it lost its liquor license, and has no plans to reopen. And if there were any question about DeLucie and Largotta's relationship, that  $100,000 DeLucie accused Largotta of stealing from the restaurant group "is just a minor fraction of the amount of money under dispute," says the rep.

Bill's Food & Drink and The Lion are both open and operating normally.

The Windsor

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