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Crown Currently Closed as Controversy Piles Atop John DeLucie's Properties [UPDATE]

The Windsor remains "closed for business."

Courtesy of Crown

John DeLucie's Upper East Side spot Crown closed quietly two weeks ago, without much warning. It only just reopened following renovations this past September, so the reason for the closure is unclear, as is the likelihood of it reopening. A reservationist at another of DeLucie's restaurant's, the Lion, could only confirm the closure, but didn't know why or for how long it's gone dark.

This marks the second "unexplained" shutter from DeLucie's empire, following The Windsor, which at last check, was still "closed for renovations." DeLucie's been embroiled in a controversy with business partner Sean Largotta, who allegedly stole $100,000 of company funds to go on a vacation in Italy with his girlfriend and rent a Range Rover. News that the building that hosts Crown was for sale circulated last summer, so it's not quite clear if the shutter was caused by a sale, the controversy, or something else entirely. Bill's Food & Drink and The Lion are still open, according to the reservationist at The Lion.

Update: John DeLucie's team clarifies that the building that held Crown has been sold, which forced the shutter. Also, he is no longer associated with The Windsor, and its temporary shutter is now permanent.

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The Windsor

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