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Tex-Mex Sensation Javelina Quietly Launched Brunch on Easter Sunday

The Union Square Tex Mex sensation is now open for brunch for all your weekend queso needs.

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Nick Solares

Whilst children searched for Easter eggs and families huddled around holiday hams, a sneaky little Javelina unleashed brunch on Union Square.  A tipster sent along a copy of the menu (see below) that the white hot queso destination served this past Sunday. It features breakfast tacos, huevos rancheros, and steak fajitas and eggs, as well as the ever popular Bob Armstrong dip. There is also a selection of brunch specific cocktails such as a spicy michelada and a tomatillo bloody Mary. For the less Tex-Mex inclined, there are more generic brunch dishes like eggs Benedict, mimosas, and hamburgers available. The menu is expected to be refined over time. Alas, there's a whole work week to endure before brunch comes around again, but it can't hurt to start dreaming now:

Javelina Brunch

Javelina Tex-Mex

119 E 18th St, New York, NY 10003