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The Sussman's Summer Menu for Ruschmeyer's Is All Seafood and Middle Eastern Influences

Start dreaming of summer and late night chicken schwarma.

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When chef brothers/authors Max and Eli Sussman signed on as co-executive chefs at Ruschmeyer's in Montauk for the summer, they made it clear that the menu would not be the same as the one they plan to serve at Samesa, their forthcoming Middle Eastern restaurant. Instead, they'll focus on seafood, which they tell Eater they plan to get as fresh as possible from local fisherman. Nonetheless, there are Middle Eastern influences all over the place (somewhat like there were at the Cleveland and Mile End, where Max and Eli were last seen). The menu includes vegetables with beet hummus, fried smelt with harissa aioli, grilled swordfish kabobs, and a hangar steak with anchovy tabbouli – though there are also Old Bay fries, and a classic lobster roll. Brunch still includes Black Seed bagels, because after all, Matt Kliegman, a co-owner of Black Seed, is still running the show at Ruschmeyer's.

As promised, the Sussman's will also be offering a more true-to-form preview of Samesa as a late-night pop-up, but it looks like the menu won't be extensive as the preview they served at Threes Brewing last month. Instead, just chicken schwarma.

The Sussman's haven't even found a space for Samesa yet, though they want it to be on the Lower East Side, so for the impatient it might be worth a trip out east to see what they're up to. At the very least, check out the full menus below.


Ruschmeyers Cocktail