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Brooklyn Fare Plans Second Manhattan Location, But Will There Be a Restaurant?

Meanwhile, the restaurant at the Midtown Brooklyn Fare still hasn't opened.

666 Greenwich Street
666 Greenwich Street
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It looks like Brooklyn Fare – or at least the grocery store part of it – is planning a second Manhattan location. As Crain's reports, the high end market has signed a lease for 666 Greenwich Street, currently the home of a D'Agostino. That grocery store is getting pushed out of its longtime home because it missed the deadline to renew its lease during the chaos of Hurricane Sandy.

It's unclear whether there will be any restaurant component here, like the three-Michelin-starred chef's counter at the original, or the restaurant that owner Moe Issa and chef Cesar Ramirez still promise will eventually open at the Midtown Brooklyn Fare. But given how long that one's taken, it doesn't seem likely that they'll already be thinking about a third one. Still, Eater has reached out to the Brooklyn Fare team, and will update as more becomes available.

D'Agostino at the Archive

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