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LIC Hot Spot Mu Ramen to Stop Accepting Reservations

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After months of taking same day reservations, the restaurant is reverting to the first come, first served model.

Mu Ramen
Mu Ramen
Nick Solares

Chef Joshua Smookler tells Eater that as of Monday April 6 reservations will no longer be accepted at Mu Ramen. "We decided that it was fairer and more in keeping with the spirit of a ramen shop" to adopt a first come, first served mode, reports the chef. Mu Ramen started offering same day reservations via telephone for parties of four or less back in early December, 2014, shortly after the restaurant opened, and its phone line was quickly flooded. Things may have quieted down a little, but the restaurant is still a tough table at prime times.

Most of the city's ramen shops do not offer reservations and with only 22 seats Mu Ramen reservations became notoriously hard to score. The reservation line will be active through the weekend and revert to an outgoing message only on Monday.

Mu Ramen

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