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Insa, The Good Fork's Korean Barbecue and Karaoke Den, Grows in Gowanus

For an early taste of the menu, check out the restaurant's preview at Threes Brewing.

Courtesy of Insa

Gowanus has become Brooklyn's unofficial activity center, offering everything from archery to rock climbing to shuffle board, so naturally it needs a karaoke den. Well, the team from Red Hook favorite The Good Fork is giving it just that, installing a Korean barbecue and karaoke den that it has now dubbed Insa. The restaurant won't open until fall or maybe even winter, but plans are in order for 18 barbecue tables, five karaoke rooms, and one private dining room that will double as a large karaoke room for when you feel the need to belt out New York, New York or some MJ in front of 25 of your closest friends.

The menu is still in development, but Sohui Kim, who co-owns The Good Fork with her husband Ben Schneider, will be drawing on her roots and memories of living in Korea as a child. She's promised that her Korean dumplings from The Good Fork will make the trip to Gowanus, along with house-made soondae (a blood sausage with perilla salt and kimchi), braised short ribs, and pan fried mung bean and kimchi pancakes.

Construction is just across the street from newcomer Threes Brewing and both teams are clearly excited to share the block. Threes will host Insa as part of their ongoing residency program May 4-17 to give diners a little taste of what's to come.

A hallway of karaoke rooms:

insa karaoke


328 Douglass Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 855-2620 Visit Website