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Tuome Still Dark After Kitchen Fire, But Could Reopen Tomorrow

The team has remained silent about repairs, but finally posted a sign in the window.

Bess Adler

After a small kitchen fire last Sunday morning, East Village critic charmer Tuome closed its doors for a few days, but kept silent on social media about what was going on and when dinner service would start again. Today EV Grieve spots a sign in the window that says: "We will be closed today Thursday April 2nd and tomorrow Friday April 3rd. Sorry for the inconvenience." This makes it sound like the restaurant will be back open by Saturday, but since it doesn't say that outright, things could still be touch and go over there.

There are no reservations available on Saturday night per OpenTable and no one is answering the phone at the restaurant, but Eater has reached out to the team and will share updates as they come.


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