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Pommes Frites Calls for Donations to Help Reopen After Explosion

The team hopes to rebuild somewhere new.

Robert Sietsema

The owners of beloved fry haven Pommes Frites, which was destroyed in last week's terrible East Village explosion and fire, have said they hope to return one day soon with their fries and many sauces. To that end, they've just announced on their site and Facebook page that they are currently accepting donations to help them reopen:

Asking for help is not easy for us. We have been inundated with requests as to how we can get our doors open once again. Our steadfast staff, some of who experienced the explosion, want to get back to work. Your contributions will be used to help us to rebuild and find a new home for Pommes Frites.$pommesfrites

This is not a Kickstarter, so there's no set goal, and the donation site doesn't allow contributors to see how much has been given, but the Facebook update has been shared 50 times already. And given that the shop trended on Twitter in the hours following the explosion, it should find plenty of supporters of its effort to secure a new home.