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Theft of Reptilian Restaurant Mascots Apparently on the Rise in NYC

Dirty French recently lost its friendly frog, and the Happiest Hour's alligator head has also gone missing.

Happy Harry
Happy Harry
The Happiest Hour

Recently, Gael Greene brought word that the dapperly dressed frog statue that graced the front of Dirty French has gone missing:

Owner Jeff Zalaznick confirms the the frog, named Frankie, was indeed "kidnapped" a few months ago. Zalaznick is holding out hope that he will hear from the kidnappers, and notes that there is an ongoing investigation into the disappearance, but will not comment on whether there is security footage of the incident. Frankie has been temporarily replaced by an anonymous stand-in, but all at the restaurant are hoping for Frankie's return.

Meanwhile, The Happiest Hour has lost its own reptilian mascot, an alligator skull named Happy Harry. Owner Jon Neidich hopes that he is "just on vacation," noting that Harry is from "Key West, where he could often be found in his signature Panama hat and shades," which are also missing. Harry disappeared a few months back from a shelf on the back wall of the dining room. Neidich says that the perpetrators can return him with no questions asked.

Restaurateurs, remember, people love to steal things from restaurants, so keep those goofy mascots close, along with your knives and your fancy pepper grinders.

The Happiest Hour

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Dirty French

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